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Proud to have my work syndicated by The Cartoonist Group!
Mile High Sports
Cartoon Caption Contest
Twenty-plus years of business-building via thoughtful and
effective marketing, strategy, and design for entities as varied as
Fortune 100 businesses, start-ups, and non-profit organizations.
Biz Caricature
A highly impactful approach to visual storytelling
for any organization communicating its branding
or messaging to audience of all types.
A recent whiteboard video for outstanding AppareLink software to manage
your own in-house marketing and branding efforts.
Award-winning cartoons, illustrations, and
design work for publications and
businesses all over the world.
Proud to have my work syndicated by The Cartoonist Group!
My work is now on Etsy!

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artwork for sale (at great prices).
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holidays! Let me know about any
missing artwork and I will get it posted.