As a marketer and designer, I've managed projects big and small, for major corporations and for little-engine-that-could startups.  I
excel at the strategic and the creative, so both sides of the brain get a workout and I have learned to seesaw back and forth for whatever
the need. Here you'll find a tip of the iceberg of the creative work I've done.  

Below is a sampling of work done for local and national clients that represents the development and rollout of multiple successful new
brands, products and services.  Seasoned strategic skills and insight  coupled with strong design sense help ensure the delivery of an
excellent final product that is always on strategy.

I guarantee professional graphic and online work at very reasonable prices.  The range of projects undertaken include: illustration, logo
design, web design, and portraiture (see
Portraits and Figures section). For more on my traditional marketing background, approach,
and past clients, please click

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Sales Support Cartoon
Logo Design
Ctrax Marketing
Denver Biz Journal cartoons
Design & Marketing
Bull & Bear
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Heritage College
Website Strategy
& Design
eMeetings Gremlin
Adaptive Spirit Mascot
Characters, Mascots,
Bull & Bear Bar
Polyguard Advertising