-Paintings & Puzzles-
Baby Paintings
(nursery themes with a twist - find the child's name)
Tommy Safari
Acrylic 10x10"
Siri Bugs
Acrylic 10"x10"
Mitchell on the River
Acrylic 10x10"
Cole  Farm
Acrylic 8x8"
Sailing Luke
Acrylic 8x8"
Toddler Puzzles
Monkey  Puzzle
Acrylic 6"x4"
Lion Puzzle
Acrylic 6"x4"
Denver Biz Journal cartoons
Design & Marketing
Bull & Bear
Bridget Bugs
Acrylic 10"x10"
Matthew Safari
Acrylic 10x10"
A nod to fellow cartoonist and mentor Steve
Sack who inspired several of these images
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