"There's no point in doing something, unless you do it right."

The above is an old saw my Dad repeated over and over again in my early
years.  It's pretty hard to argue against, especially when it comes to
marketing. "Doing it right" means expecting more from your marketing and
not settling for business as usual - and ultimately not having to redo a
misguided first effort.  Applying a focused creative approach to strategic
planning lays the groundwork for breakthrough business results.

This approach takes client company experience and learnings from the
industry, then marries them to winning strategies borrowed from other
industries, market trends, and a wide selection of marketing tools, new and
old.  At the core of this direction is a laser focus on identifying and building
the brand.

Larger companies usually get this (with certain exceptions), but for smaller
businesses this kind of approach is often simply beyond their capabilities.
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