Paintings & Color
I've recently painted a number of large portraits that would have been done in pencil or charcoal in the past.  These have
been received with great excitement and generated interest for additional projects.

Much of my other painting work (large wall murals, bookcases, puzzles, and small canvases for newborn gifts) can be
found on my
Kidstuff pages.  Let me know if you are interested in a painting of a child, pet, or anything else you can think of!
Hilary & the Girls
Acrylic 20"x36"
(a nod to artist Todd White)
Acrylic 24"x36"
Blue Sky/Red Sky
Acrylic 36"x36"
Acrylic 24"x36"
Denver Biz Journal cartoons
Design & Marketing
Bull & Bear
Christmas Card
Mixed Medium
Acrylic 24"x30"
Christmas Card '07
Colored Pencil 10"x13"
Braeden at the Beach
Acrylic 24"x36"
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Christmas Card '08
Colored Pencil 8"x11"
Leading Like Lions
Acrylic 48"x36"
Acrylic 24"x36"
George & Bear
Acrylic 24"x36"